About Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of the Republic of Turkey and located in the central of Anatolia. It is the second largest city of Turkey with a population over 5.5 million. Ankara is also called as the city of education since almost all the very well-known Turkish Universities are located here.


The early settlement in and around Ankara goes back to Bronze Age dated 3000 B.C. Ankara was also mentioned as Ankuwa city in the works of Hittites. Archaeological excavations have revealed that Gordion which was the capital city of Phrygia is one of the most important ancient cities in the Central Anatolia. According to the legends, the Great King of Phrygians, Midas had founded Ankara City. Phrygians named this city as Ankyra meaning Anchor. Ankara was also dominated by Lydians and Persians. Alexander the Great ended the domination of Persian King Darius in 333 B.C. A tribe of Galatians came to Anatolia but they were later defeated by Roman Empire Augustus and declared the city as the capital of Galatian Province. In 395 B.C. , the Roman Empire was divided into two and Ankara was ruled by Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine. Seljuk Turks entered Anatolia at the end of the 11st century and conquered the city in 1073. Until Ottomans declared the political unity in Anatolia, Ankara was under the dominance of different Turkmen Beyliks, Byzantine and Moguls.


All of the mentioned civilizations left their marks in the region but the importance of Ankara has been attained after its announcement as the capital city of Turkey. Under the presidency of MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK, the Founder and the Great Leader of Turkish Republic, Grand National Assembly of Turkey declared Ankara as the capital city of Turkey at 13th of October 1923.



Transportation opportunity to every city in the country is possible from the intercity bus terminal which is located at the center of highway networks. It is possible to travel between Ankara-İstanbul, Ankara-İzmir by train. Airline transportation is available at the international Ankara Esenboğa Airport located 28 kilometers away from the city center, giving domestic and foreign flight services. There are modern and techniqually equiped terminal buildings, 4336 vehicle capacity parking lot, food court, shops, banks, rent-a-car, taxi and bus services at the domestic and international flights sections of the International Ankara Esenboğa Airport. You can find flights from Ankara to any point in the world. Ankara, a world capital, is a very important destination due to its geopolitical location and its location right in the middle of the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. In this important and beautiful city that connects the continents, you can find new routes to spend a few days and enjoy the moment.

Weather In Ankara

Ankara is in the northern hemisphere. Summer starts here at the end of June and ends in September. There are the months of summer: June, July, August, September. The best time to visit are July, August.

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