Turkey has shown outstanding success in the fight against Covid-19 and is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rates. In our country, the cases have gradually decreased, and the use of masks in open areas has been released. Turkey has strengthened its place among the most reliable countries in the world in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Ministry of Health and our health workers have made great efforts in the fight against the pandemic and have seriously protected public health. Turkey; With the aim of organizing international congresses, meetings, travels, conferences and workshops, it has been among the top five countries that the world is interested in.

Travel Rules of Countries

If you have a travel plan in the near future, we recommend you to check the entry admission rules of the respective countries for a safe and proper flight. By entering your passport information, your country of departure and destination, and your vaccination status, you can quickly learn the effective rules and the current vaccination and PCR requirements in the respective countries.

*If you have a special status (e.g., student, health, diplomatic, etc.), please review the travel news page provided by IATA in English. You can also visit the passport, visa and health information page to confirm that your terms are in accordance with the regulations of your destination country. *This information is compiled, monitored and provided independently by Visa Run Inc. (dba Sherpa) from sources selected and monitored by Sherpa. It is only made accessible here by Turkish Airlines for your convenience. Turkish Airlines does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of either this information or Sherpa’s verification processes, for which please refer to Sherpa. As such, Turkish Airlines does not accept liability or responsibility for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies in this information, which may also change at any time. The dynamic nature of local responses to COVID-19 increases the risk of information being outdated or inaccurate. It is your responsibility to independently inform yourself of any actual restrictions or requirements that may apply at your origin, destination or transit locations when you travel. This webpage is made available to you on the basis that you have accepted these terms.